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The SkySail Experience

Distinguished by our unique approach, SkySail Strategies is an market strategy development company that utilizes advanced technologies like quantitative Artificial Intelligence, genetic optimization, and machine learning to bring institutional level market insights that usually are only available to hedge funds or large institutions and makes them available to the general public.

SkySail brings institutional level Technology, Experience and Trust that is far beyond anything available in the market, presenting an unprecedented opportunity to partake in institutional-level financial tools at an astonishing price – free.

SKY III Features

With SKY III, you're not just seeing the market; you're getting insights into a market data that's been refined through years of hard work and expertise. It's time to let the bots handle the heavy lifting while you enjoy the rewards. Welcome to trading, elevated.

Focused Trading Expertise

At SkySail, we don't dabble in everything and anything. SKY III is all about precision trading, targeting just two of the most liquid currency pairs in the market.

AI-Powered Volatility Insights

SKY III doesn't just make random trades; it's got AI-calibrated volatility insights up its sleeve. We've invested years in perfecting the art of entry and exit points, utilizing over 100 nodes and branches,.

Adaptive Risk Management

Our software monitors data to allow you to see zones of potential risk.

Real-Time Market Monitoring:

SKY III doesn't sleep. It's always on, monitoring global events and market sentiment. This real-time vigilance allows us to adapt swiftly to changing market conditions, ensuring that capital remains secure.

Impressive Track Record

Since we rolled out SKY III in January 2022, some of the users of our software have been able  to accomplish 24 consecutive months of positive returns in the Forex market – that's a track record that speaks volumes.

Audited and Verified

We don't just talk the talk; we walk the walk. SKY III's software results have been audited and verified by Alpha Verification, a trusted third-party entity. These folks know their stuff, holding CPA, CIPM, and CFA Charterholder titles. Their job is performance verification, and they do it with no biases or ulterior motives – it's all about credibility and accuracy.

Fully Automated and Hassle-Free

SKY III is like having a tireless, super-smart marktet analysist at your side.  No emotions, no fatigue – just precision. It's awake 24/7, analyzing market data with surgical precision. Combine that with quantitative analysis, machine learning, and AI, and you've got a recipe for consistency

Years of R&D

Crafting SKY III was no walk in the park. We spent over two years in Research and Development (R&D) mode. Our team, with diverse expertise, joined forces to create a strategy that stands the test of time. We subjected SKY III to rigorous forward and back-testing, spanning more than two decades of real market data – it's the real deal.

Pioneering Innovation

The Automated Data Driven Trading Algorithm at the core of SkySail reflects our commitment to pioneering a new era of software. Deploying institutional level Machine Learning and AI developed strategy for precision returns dialed in for two of the most liquid currency pairs in the market. With years of machine learning invested into optimizing entry and exit points with a minimum of 100 nodes and branches, we give you the best data on the markets.

Takes less than 10 minutes to set up and then you will not need to make any adjustments or push any buttons to achieve market returns that change your life and your financial trajectory.

Our Expert Advisor is the ultimate trader that can extract the most value from any market. It is emotionless, never gets tired, and always is always surgically analyzing mountains of variables and data points simultaneously.

When you combine these characteristics with quantitative analysis, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, you get consistent life changing results.


Full Service Automation

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AP News

SkySail Investments, nestled in the heart of the global financial hub, is introducing SKY III, a cutting-edge expert advisor software.

The creation of SKY III was no easy feat, requiring over two years of intensive Research and Development (R&D). A team of experts...
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SkySail Unveils SKY III: The Technical Titan of Expert Automated Trading

SkySail Investments, nestled in the heart of the global financial hub, is introducing SKY III, a cutting-edge expert advisor automated trading system.
Full Control

Unprecedented Control
Maintain Full Custody of your Funds

Our software runs on your own account. Your funds in your control!

The SkySail Experience Dashboard
The SkySail Experience Dashboard

Personalize Your Experience

The SkySail Team is here to help you navigate this space, but that means that all of our products are specific, tactical and personalized to your individual goals and risk profile.

Welcome to the SkySail Family, our team will be in touch with next steps.
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How is it Free?

We are partnered with an industry leading trading platform and as long as you use their platform we can provide our services at no cost to you. All you need is money to trade with and you are good to go.

Why does SKY III only work with just 2 currency Pairs?

Because that’s what real quantitative trading development is like. Real quantitative edges are pulled from years of development and AI tools focusing on the specifics of their instruments, how they relate to market sentiment, news, volume, and volatility.

Do I need a lot of Trading Experience?

No you do not, it is all automated. To begin your journey with SkySail, click any of the Get Started or Join buttons on the website. This will get you in touch with our team who will guide you through the set up step by step. The set up process typically takes 10 minutes, after which we take care of everything for you